Summer Vacation is Coming to an End

The big box stores already have their Back to School sections up. Have you noticed that? Summer is flying by, faster every minute, and soon we’ll all be at those Labor Day barbecues talking about how school starts earlier every year. Depending on your age, the thought of going back to school—high school in particular—can conjure painful memories or serious trepidation, and it’s amazing how many of those negative feelings can be traced back to one simple word: acne.

Whether you’re a teen facing a school full of would-be tormentors or an adult walking into a meeting with very polite, but sometimes judgmental, co-workers, acne can make you feel like you’re marked. At best, it’s a distraction. At worst, it’s a social impediment.

The Solution for Acne

Luckily, we at Accents have a treatment for our Detroit area residents coping with acne. It’s called the Aesthera PPx system, a broadband light system designed to deal with four major types of acne: mild to moderate acne, pustular acne, comedonal acne, and mild to moderate inflammatory acne. The Aesthera PPx has been shown to remove roughly 88% of these types of acne (75% in those who did not respond to other treatment types).

At its core, acne is simply a deposit of oil with a particular type of scab over it. The oil collects in a pore, and your skin essentially seals it in so that healing can occur. But acne in large amounts can be embarrassing and even socially debilitating. The Aesthera system essentially goes in and clears out the pores, then gives your skin a nice broadband light treatment—light is, after all, good for the skin (think about how good you feel after being out in the sun).

(As a point of interest, Aesthera has recently been acquired by Solta Medical.)

Quick Results if You Start Now

You should see results from your Aesthera PPx treatment in 24-48 hours, and any leftover scars can also be addressed then.

Just because your acne is bothering you doesn’t mean you have to live with it. You can make a change today—even if other treatments haven’t worked for you. The sooner you get start, the sooner people stop looking at your acne and start seeing your face.