It’s easy to think of eyelid surgery in Detroit as a pretty minor procedure that won’t really make a huge impact on your appearance. In reality, though, an eyelift can help you look dramatically younger, yet without an obviously “done” look. This subtle, smaller surgery can have a pretty big impact on the right candidate.

Windows to the Soul

Our eyes show our mood, our expressions and give an instant first impression of our personality to perfect strangers. Our eyes also just happen to be one of the very first places on the face to start showing signs of age.

The delicate skin around the eye area is very susceptible to wrinkles, and the tiny muscles responsible for eyelid movement have less defense against gravity than larger muscle groups. As a result, even men and women who look relatively young throughout the rest of their face can have prominent crow’s feet or droopy eyelids. These early signs of aging can make you look older and more tired than you feel on the inside.

An eyelift retightens the muscular structure of the eyes, opening the area up to help you look more alert and refreshed. Incorporating injectables like BOTOX® at the same time can help smooth away crow’s feet to help you look younger.

You don’t always need a major surgery to look years younger. In the right patient, an eyelift combined with injectables can make a very big difference.