Medical science doesn’t yet allow us to prevent aging entirely. We can, however, ensure that you age in a natural, beautiful way with the help of cosmetic procedures such as facials, BOTOX® Cosmetic or a facelift. Here are three tips that can help you age as gracefully as possible.

1. Avoid the Sun

Sun damage is the number one cause of premature aging in the skin. Unfortunately, the damage is cumulative and much of it occurs in our younger years before we thought about those kinds of practical things. Fortunately, it’s never too late to start.

Resurfacing if mask another treatments can remove existing damage, while a good sunblock can help minimize further harm to your skin.

2. Embrace Gradual Aging

Choosing different treatments and approaches at different ages can ensure a gradual, natural aging process that’s flattering every step of the way. In their younger years, patients often begin with a BOTOX® regimen along with regular facials and chemical peels for skin tone. Then, as volume loss becomes more apparent, dermal fillers are the next step. Finally, as the muscles begin showing their age and losing firmness, surgery can be used for lifting and tightening. By choosing minor procedures along the way, you’ll bring out the best in your changing appearance.

3. Don’t Expect to Look Like a Teenager

Finally, if you do choose to pursue cosmetic procedures, keep in mind that looking younger is more important than looking “young.” The best results for rejuvenation procedures are seen on Detroit patients who accept their age, and just want to soften the edges a bit. You’ll never look 20 again, and trying to get a facelift to deliver those kinds of results will do more harm than good. Instead, enjoy your current age and face it with grace and a good attitude.